Binge and Purgatory

First things first Deez Nuts isn’t just a hilarious meme, it is also the name of an Australian hardcore punk band. The band formed in Melbourne 2007 and have been rocking out ever since. The band consists of vocalist JJ Peters, bassist Sean Kennedy, guitarist Matt Rodgers and drummer Alex Salinger.

Deez Nuts are heavily influenced by Hip Hop, Hardcore and Punk. They have a total of seven EPs and Albums including their latest album released 7th April 2017 titled Binge and Purgatory.

Before this however Deez Nuts had released their studio album This One’s for You in 2010. This album features vocals from Bring me the Horizon front man Oli Sykes, on the track “If you don’t know now you know.” Damn, Oli Sykes really gets around. This album was followed by the bands third album, Bout it! Released in March 2013. This album includes renowned singles such as Shot after Shot, Band of Brothers and of course Unfuckwithable.

The rock n’ roll Aussies did a favour for all us poor lonely souls and played a show on the 14th February 2017 at Sound Control in Manchester as part of their shared You Are Part of This tour with Comeback Kid. Yes, I attended. It’s not like I didn’t have valentines offers ok, live music is just better. I digress…

Deez Nuts put on one hell of a show, as usual. This was my second time seeing them live and they did not disappoint. The boys graced the stage in typical Deez Nuts fashion, all guns blazing and ready to rock. As it was a smaller venue you were really able to get a feel for the music. Fortunately I was able to make my way right down to the front of the crowd and got the full Deez Nuts experience. They played a mixture of crowd favourites and classics from former albums such as Band of Brothers and Face This on My Own from the Word is Bond album. They also performed some sneak peaks from the latest album Binge and Purgatory including Commas and Zeros, Discord and Binge/Purgatory.

During the show Deez Nuts had a film crew capturing some of the best moments to include in their tour diary and Instagram tour promotion clips (which you can still go and check out). The support acts this time round were First Blood, Hellions, Get the Shot and Reality Slap. The stage bromance was definitely detectable.

The Australian rockstars are currently on the road with Canadian band Obey the Brave and Get the Shot, they are playing shows all over the world from Germany to Canada, hopefully they’ll come back to sunny England and give us another UK and Ireland tour. But until then, go ahead and grab yourself a copy of their latest album Bing and Purgatory and keep a look out for upcoming shows near you!

(Left to Right) JJ Peters, Matt Rogers, Sean Kennedy and Alex Salinger.