About (Blog Rationale)

Welcome to The Sound. A little corner of the world wide web dedicated to rock, alternative, pop-punk and indie music. It will also include information about live shows, upcoming new music and everything in between. This will be a place that brings music and culture together. My aim is to create a fun, safe, friendly environment for people from all walks of life to come along and check out what’s hot and keep updated in the rock and indie stratosphere.

The core audience for this blog targets 16 to 30 year olds but just like music itself, there are no age restrictions and everyone is welcome. The audience will have an active social life and media presence for example, going to the latest gigs and concerts, avid cinema goers, followers of the online music scene etc. This blog is genderless and looks past the idea of having a set audience of males and females, rather it encompasses everyone, after all music has no gender. The Sound will look at rock, alternative, pop-punk and indie music from around the globe but will focus on UK release dates, tours and shows.

The tone of this blog will be relaxed, laid back, chatty and informative. I want it to feel like you’re talking to a friend, after all music is about bringing people together. I have been inspired by magazines such as Rocksound, Alternative Press and Kerrang! I am an avid reader of Rocksound and keep up to date with their blog. There weren’t many magazines or blogs dedicated to rock, indie, alternative and pop-punk so finding a community that celebrated it helped me to express myself further and feel a part of something.

I have recently been in contact with Simon Bland, the creator of the Manchester based blog ‘Northern Noise’. He and his team explore the north in search of upcoming talent, new music and festivals to review and feature on the blog. Collaborating with Simon and his team would let me get a taste of what it would be like to work in industry and to also get fresh content for my blog. I would be able to contribute to ideas and also use his knowledge to help me further my understanding in this field and get the most out of this unit.  I feel that it is important to engage with the audience and maybe even introduce people to something that they aren’t familiar with, to broaden their and my own music knowledge.

So you may be wondering why I decided to take this route and produce a blog dedicated to riffs and harmonies. The answer is, I am a massive music fan just like many of us are. I’m a lifelong music enthusiast and wanted to create something I’m passionate about, because what’s the point if you don’t care right? I come from a mixed background with huge music influence especially from the rock and indie genre. Music is my passion and it helps me get through each day. From the moment I wake up to the second my head hits the pillow at night I’ll be listening to, singling and feeling the music. I’d say that when it comes to music rock, indie and alternative is my comfort zone but I definitely do not restrict my music intake. I can openly say that there isn’t a genre of music I have come across and not enjoyed in some way. During my day the music I consume can go from Metal to R&B to Classical to Bollywood. My background allowed me to explore all walks of life, I was able to look at a range of films and music with no restrictions.

From keeping a media diary I’ve found that my music consumption outweighs the amount of time I spent watching films and television shows, and even when I do my ears perk up and I’m always on the lookout for new music. For example, one of my all-time favourite songs is ‘Where is My Mind?’ by Pixies, I came about this magnificent piece of music when I watched one of my now beloved films Fight Club (1999) and if you’ve never seen it stop reading and watch it immediately, I’m very disappointed in you.

Overall I want this blog to be a place where everyone can check in, get the latest updates and maybe even learn something new. My aim is to get people talking, get people out to the latest gigs or pre-order the newest albums. So without further ado, let the journey begin.