You Are We – UK and Ireland Tour

On Saturday 29th April 2017 I had the astounding pleasure of attending While She Sleeps You Are We tour. I was lucky enough to nab myself a ticket and watched them perform at Manchester Academy 2 on Oxford Road.

This was the first time I had ever seen While She Sleeps perform live and let me tell you, it was most definitely worth the wait. Before the show While She Sleeps had invited special guest bands to perform as support acts. I didn’t get a chance to see the supports however but I did make it just in time to watch the magic happen.

There was the usual hustle and bustle of pre show nerves and excitement. The floor was sticky, soaked with spilled beer and ciders. The smell of alcohol and sweat mixed together to create an unusual aroma. People were pushing here and there trying to get the perfect spot before the lads got on stage, me being 5’4 there is no perfect spot. But despite the obscured vision and swamp like group as soon as those house lights dimmed all focus went on to the stage, which was lit atmospherically with milk bottles hanging from the ceiling. The crowd began to scream and shout as Adam walked onto the stage, soon after followed by Aaran, Mat and Sean. The crowd now chanting “While She Sleeps” at the very top of their lungs and Loz finally sauntered onto the stage, this was it. It was time.

The lights dimmed and the music started to play, Loz held onto the microphone tightly and screamed down the mic, “YOU ARE WE.”

The crowd was absolutely insane, the energy was unbeatable. Its safe to say that You Are We got the response it deserved, the mosh pits were out in full force and the voices of thousands of adoring fans were in synchronisation.

The setlist was a mixture of new tracks from the latest album and old crowd favourites. They opened the show with You Are We and then went into Civil Isolation from the new album. They then went on to perform Seven Hills from the album This is the Six and then Brainwashed from the Brainwashed album. In the middle of rocking out front man Loz took a minute to thank the audience for all their support and dedication to the band. You’re totally welcome mate.

They closed the show with crowd favourite Hurricane and it was absolute carnage. Every single person in that arena belted like their hearts depended on it and moshed like it too. The air was damp with sweat, spit and beer. But thats the fun of it right?

If you’re planning on going to attend a show from the You Are We tour I cannot recommend it enough, you wont be disappointed.

The complete setlist:

You Are We
Civil Isolation
Seven Hills
Empire of Silence
New World Torture
Wide Awake
Our Legacy
This is the Six
Silence Speaks
Four Walls

While She Sleeps concert image.

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