Bacon Dream

Astroid Boys are a British band from Wales, Cardiff. Astroid Boys don’t stick to one genre of music, rather they merge the cultures of metal, punk, hardcore, grime and hip hop. That may sound like a crazy mash up but believe me, it works. Members include Traxx, Benji, DJ Comfort, Dellux and Big H. Astroid Boys have cultivated a movement that speaks to youth from all sub cultures, they are able to bring all the different genres together and fuse sound to create their very own genre that can only be described as, Astroid Boys.

They allow a platform for everyone to come together, at one Astroid Boys show you will find your typical skater boy standing shoulder to shoulder with a self professed metal head. Their high-energy live shows along with raw, aggressive and honest lyrics allow a certain level of escapism for their fans and followers. Each member brings their own personal vibe and interest to the group which creates a unique and sublime sound. No two songs are the same, they are able to create and mould themselves through music and share it with the world.

Astroid Boys have been very busy recently, they have just completed a UK and Ireland Tour and not long after announced they were doing a second one following the release of their new track Fallback. The boys have recently signed to Sony Records and show no signs of slowing their roll. They are currently on the road playing shows in smaller towns and cities, I was lucky enough to see them for the third time in my home town of Huddersfield.

They played on Saturday 6th May at The Parish, an intimate venue perfect for the boys to really take in all the energy and communicate with the crowd. I was able to get right to the very front, at one point I was actually on the stage! Its safe to say that this was definitely my favourite time I’ve seen them live. They were accompanied by Sonny Double 1, an artist that features on their latest track Foreigners.

Astroid Boys stayed true to their signature crazy show style and it got incredibly wild. Crowd surfers, people swinging from the ceiling, everyone rapping along and the synchronised crowd bouncing. The energy was above and beyond with each track performed better than the last. They played a mix of tracks from both their EPs, Bacon Dream and CF10 (thats Cardiff’s area code, clever right) They performed crowd favourites such as Minging, Posted, Dusted and many more. They also treated us to some brand new material from their new upcoming album which is still yet to be titled.

Its safe to say that these boys are going places. They still have more shows lined up and they are also playing festivals over the summer, such as Leeds Festival and Boomtown. If you get a chance to see Astroid Boys live, grab the opportunity with both hands. Look out for the latest announcement on the Astroid Boys twitter and instagram accounts and keep up to date with what these talented lads are going to be up to next.

Astroid Boys Blog Pic
(Left to Right) Big H, Traxx, Benji, DJ Comfort and Dellux (on ground)

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