The Rise of PVRIS

Find out how a small town band, made a big impact.


Let’s jump right in, PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) are an alternative American electro-pop rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts. The band is made up of Alex Babinski (lead guitar and keyboard), Brian MacDonald (Bass guitar and keyboard) and front girl Lyndsey Gunnulfsen or Lynn Glynn (lead vocals, rhythm guitar and keyboard)

PVRIS released their first self-titled EP 4th November 2014. In June 2014 PVRIS had announced that they had signed with Rise Records, a label that has signed many other rock and indie bands such as Issues, The Devil Wears Prada and Five Finger Death Punch. This sign with Rise Records made PVRIS the first female-fronted act on the label. Their debut album, White Noise was released November of that year.

During this time PVRIS began supporting bands such as Mayday Parade in their October/November tour. They also accompanied Lower than Atlantis in their UK tour April 2015. Around this same time PVRIS announced two headlines dates which sold out in seconds due to their rise in publicity following the previous tours they had supported.

The band were invited to play 2015 Warped Tour, for those of you that have been living under a rock or for those that a new to the rock scene, hello and welcome. The Vans Warped Tour is a rock festival that travels (tours) around the United States, it is and annual affair and has been around since the summer of 1995. Bands including Green Day, My Chemical Romance (R.I.P) and Paramore have all played at Warped, safe to say all the big names in rock have graced this event. Now you’re all clued up let’s continue.

After Warped Tour PVRIS were becoming more and more influential in the rock and alternative community. More and more big bands wanted PVRIS on their team, this was definitely the case when it came to British rock band Bring Me The Horizon. They showed a huge interest in the band via social media, BMTH member Jordan Fish tweeted “PVRIS debut is still better than most bands third albums.” Followed by “everyone wants a piece of p-virus.” Clearly Jordan’s tweet worked as PVRIS supported BMTH in their US October tour which generated an even larger following. They continued to support the band the following month in the UK.

PVRIS’ rise to fame didn’t stop there, they went on to support All Time Low January 2016 and finally landed their very own gig at London’s word famous O2, this was supposed to be a one-night show but due to popular demand and high volume of requests the band added a second night.

After a year of non-stop touring and promoting PVRIS announced their first headlining tour which sparked the re-release of White Noise (Deluxe Version).

So what’s next for PVRIS?

They’ll be playing a tour with Muse and Thirty Seconds to Mars summer/autumn 2017. They also have their very own mini tour around the UK and Europe coming in Spring 2017. To top it all off PVRIS will also be playing MO POP Festival July 29th -30th in Detroit.

PVRIS for blog
(Left to Right) Brian MacDonald, Lynn Glynn and Alex Babinski.

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